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Quality and Clinical Outcomes

As physicians, seeing our patients do well is the main joy of our profession. As a team, we hold each other accountable for the care we deliver. We have consistently reported mortality rates well below the national expected benchmark and seen a greater than 50 percent reduction in length of stay, despite the increased acuity of the patients we treat.

Our focus on quality has led to the development of the Innovation and Quality Program. The program’s inter-disciplinary team is organizing data to improve physician and service performance, coordinating clinical research, and fostering innovative ways to measure quality and track long-term outcomes.

View our graphs for number of encounters, length of stay and mortality in these categories:

Brain Tumors

Brain Tumor surgical outcomes graph


cerebrovascular and stroke outcomes


cerebrovascular and stroke outcomes 2



epilepsy outcomes graph


neurorehabilitation graph


spine outcomes graph


Traumatic Brain Injury

traumatic brain injury neurotrauma graph