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Brain Tumor Treatment

Brain tumor treatment

Neurosurgeons at the Mischer Neuroscience Institute routinely employ innovative techniques to treat brain tumors, including:

  • motor and language mapping
  • functional imaging techniques for localizing functional brain regions
  • awake craniotomies under local anesthesia
  • intracavitary chemotherapy for high-grade brain tumors
  • minimally invasive procedures including neuroendoscopy and stereotactic radiosurgery.
  • Leksell Gamma Knife® radiosurgery

Throughout the treatment process, our clinical team works closely with referring physicians. Prior to scheduling, candidates for Gamma Knife radiosurgery are assessed by a neurosurgeon and/or radiation oncologist to determine whether radiosurgical treatment is the best option.

Following treatment, our Gamma Knife team will provide you with a recommended follow-up treatment plan to assist you with your patient's ongoing care. Treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

Clinical Trials

When conventional therapy fails, the Institute provides access for patients to enroll in clinical trails of investigational drugs and procedures.

Weekly Prospective Care Conferences

Our multidisciplinary team meets weekly to discuss each patient's plan of care and progress.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

The Brain Tumor Center's team works closely with the Children's Memorial Hermann Neuroscience Center to ensure exceptional care for children with brain tumors.

Partnership with Referring Physicians

Throughout the evaluation and treatment process, we keep referring physicians informed about patient progress, both in writing and by phone. After a patient's first office visit, these doctors will receive a summary that includes the initial diagnosis, pending tests and treatment options. A second follow-up report details surgical outcomes and post-op therapy.

Neuro Critical Care Unit

Neuro-intensivists and experienced mid-level practitioners staff our dedicated 28-bed Neuro Critical Care Unit around the clock, seven days a week, to provide ongoing intensive care to critically ill patients. The eICU® Advantage adds an extra layer of assurance for physicians by directly linking patients to an off-site team of specially trained board-certified intensivists and critical care nurses.