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It has become increasingly evident that concussions – injuries to the brain caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body that can cause the brain to abruptly move or twist within the skull – can can change the way your brain normally works. A concussion can also potentially cause serious long-term neurological damage, particularly for athletes participating in high-impact contact sports. 

Awareness of the signs and symptoms of concussion can help get the most effective treatment, and allow athletes or anyone who has suffered a blow to the head to return to activity in a healthy way.

Signs and symptoms can be apparent soon after a head injury, although it may not be possible to know how serious the injury is for many hours or even days. Because of the potential for symptoms to appear more slowly, it is important to continue to check over time for signs of concussion, even more than a day after an injury. Anyone who has suffered a head injury and has worsening symptoms should be taken to an emergency room.

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