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Neurotrauma & Critical Care

International Leader in Neurotrauma

FY14 MNI Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes HoustonOur neurotrauma program is internationally recognized for treating the highest-acuity patients with brain and spinal cord injuries and providing around the clock availability of both specialists and advanced treatments.

In addition, the Mischer Neuroscience Institute is the international leader in testing innovative treatments following neurotrauma, including several multicenter trials.

Patients with acute neurological injuries benefit from Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center's Level I trauma center - one of only two in the area and the busiest in the nation - and from Memorial Hermann Life Flight® air ambulance service, the first air ambulance program in Texas and the second in the nation.

Neuro Intensive Care Unit

In addition, Mischer Neuroscience Institute houses the largest and busiest Neuro Intensive Care Unit of its kind in the region. With the most experienced neurointensivists and advanced practice providers, our critical care team provides unparalleled care for the sickest, most vulnerable patients in our region.

What Is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

About 2.5 million emergency room visits in the United States were associated with a traumatic brain injury in 2010. A traumatic brain injury is usually the result of a sudden, violent blow to the head. It may also occur when a projectile, such as a bullet, rock or fragment of a fractured skull, actually penetrates the brain.

Half of all traumatic brain injuries are caused by collisions involving cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Among older people, falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. Infants and small children are also vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries, particularly as a result of being shaken violently.

Spine Trauma graphs