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While undergoing brain surgery, patient plays her flute

HOUSTON (April02, 2018)

Doctors at a Houston hospital shared video of a woman playing the flute while on the operating table during a brain surgery procedure. The Texas Medical Center said Anna Henry, 63, was undergoing a procedure known as "deep brain stimulation" in the hopes of treating a condition known as essential tremor, which caused Henry's hands to shake and prevented her from doing activities including eating soup with a spoon and playing her beloved instrument. "[Deep brain stimulation] works amazingly well," said Henry's neurologist, Mya Schiess, M.D., of the Mischer Neuroscience Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and UTHealth. "If you have a tremor that is truly interfering with hand function, lifestyle, head or voice, honestly, there isn't a medicine out there that's going to really put you in a better state."

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