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At Mischer Neuroscience Associates, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best quality clinical care and service. Your feedback is important to us, and it is the best way for us to learn what we are doing well or how we can improve. The two primary tools that we use to evaluate your experience with us are the Press Ganey Survey and the Clinical Outcomes Assessment, which are described below. Of course, if there is anything we can do to improve your experience along the way, please let any member of your caregiver team know right away.

Press Ganey Survey

After you are discharged, you will receive a patient satisfaction survey from a company called Press Ganey regarding your clinic visit, either in the mail or as an email. Like all healthcare providers around the country, we utilize this survey to better understand our patients’ experiences so that we can identify specific issues and areas of concern and make the necessary improvements. You will receive a similar survey from the hospital, called an HCAHPS survey, if you have surgery.

The questions on both surveys are designed to get your feedback about your care from our nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers, as well as information about your clinic experience and other opinions about your visit. Every survey counts and we care deeply about your experience with us. We strongly encourage you to complete the Press Ganey survey so that we can continue to improve our clinical services.

Clinical Outcomes Assessment

Physicians at Mischer Neuroscience Associates are committed to your health and wellbeing for a lifetime, not just immediately following surgery. In order to have the most accurate information about your recovery and health after discharge, your physician will mail you a Clinical Outcomes Assessment at three months, six months and 12 months following your procedure.

This form of feedback helps physicians to best understand your specific health information so that they may continue to provide you with the highest quality care, and make any adjustments to your follow-up care as necessary. Please know that we value your privacy and both surveys are confidential. If you have any questions about either survey, please call (713) 704-7100 and ask to speak to the office manager. We look forward to hearing from you.