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Mischer Neuroscience Institute Neuroscience Research Repository

Research Repository

Clinical research is crucial to optimizing care and providing patients with state-of-the-art treatment options, and physicians affiliated with the Mischer Neuroscience Institute and the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth are finding new and better ways to include patients in the research process.

At the Institute, patients are evaluated, and those who meet qualifying criteria are invited to participate in innovative research studies. In addition, neuroscience patients are offered the opportunity to participate in research by consenting to allow their tissue samples to be banked in the Institute’s Neuroscience Research Repository (NRR) for current and future research.

The NRR has allowed for integrated patient care and research in the Vivian L. Smith Department of Neurosurgery at the McGovern Medical School. Because the department approaches every patient treated to consent for the NRR, all of our patient care always involves a research component. Our entire staff, including nurses, therefore sees research activities as part of our daily routine. This has facilitated the development of clinical trials and other experimental paradigms.

The team at Mischer Neuroscience Institute has found it to be incredibly beneficial to have patients collaborate with us in our research endeavors through programs like the NRR, which improves the care of future patients as well as their own. We continue this collaboration through the Innovation and Quality (IQ) Program, where researchers are testing novel treatments in clinical trials and transitioning the results of that research to clinical practice. As the IQ Program expands, we will design even more trials to help neuroscience patients reach their desired functional potential.