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2018 Neuro ICU Symposium Interior

Learning objectives

As a result of attending this symposium, participants will:

  1. Discuss the latest evidence-based and cutting-edge medical literature in acute neurological and neurosurgical emergencies and discuss how to resuscitate patients with injured brains due to various etiologies.
  2. Describe the hot topics in neurological and neurosurgical emergencies and recommendations for management.
  3. Treat multiple end-organ system failure that occurs in patients with acute brain injury.
  4. Develop appropriate strategies for incorporating evidence-based protocols into clinical management through the use of case-based learning and real-life examples.
  5. Apply the latest evidence on endovascular therapy when caring for patients.


  • General and consult neurologists, stroke neurologists, neurointensivists
  • General, vascular, spine and trauma neurosurgeons
  • Pulmonary critical care medicine physicians
  • Surgical critical care and general/trauma surgeons
  • Anesthesiology critical care medicine physicians
  • Emergency medicine physicians
  • Critical care registered nurses, neurological nurses
  • Acute care nurse practitioners, physician assistants
  • EMT and paramedics
  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians and surgeons-in-training

*Employed individuals who are only part-time students are not considered full-time students and will be subject to a fee based on their backgrounds.