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DAY ONE: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Critical Care Nursing Symposium and Neurocritical Care Board Review Course

Critical Care Nursing Symposium - Parallel Session

Full day course dedicated to neuroscience nursing. This comprehensive program is ideal for acute care nurses as well as other healthcare professionals.

8 a.m.Continental Breakfast and Check in
8:50 a.m.Welcome remarks
Nicole Harrison, MBA, BSN, RN
Nursing Symposium I: Acute Stroke Care
9 a.m.Bedside Care of the Patient Post tPA and Thrombectomy
Samantha Zwiebel, BSN, RN, CCRN, SCRN and James Segrist, BSN, RN
9:25 a.m.Emergent Thrombectomy: Breaking Up the Delay
Rachael Pardo, RN
9:50 a.m.From Better to Best: Understanding the Role of the Stroke Coordinator
Amy Thomas, RN, and Sandi Shaw, BSN, RN
10:15 a.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
10:30 a.m.Break - Exhibit hall open
Nursing Symposium II: Critical Care Nursing
11 a.m.Multimodality Monitors: What Do They Mean and How Do I Manage Them?
H. Alex Choi, MD
11:25 a.m.Little Things Matter: Lines, Drains, and Wounds
Lakeisha Atkins Malone, BSN, RN, and Lauren Jarvis, BSN, RN
11:50 a.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
1 p.m.Proning and Other Nursing Challenges in ARDS
Elizabeth Mitchell, MPA, RN, NE-BC, and Jessica Reed, Ms-RC, RRT-ACCS, AE-C
1:30 p.m.Sodium Disorders Made Simple
Tiffany Chang, MD
1:50 p.m.Q&A
2 p.m.Break - Exhibit hall open
Nursing Symposium III: Multidisciplinary ICU Care
2:30 p.m.Speech and Language Pathology: Swallow Evaluations and More
Kerri Sandoval, CCC-SLP
2:55 p.m.Respiratory Therapy Considerations in the Neuro ICU
Arnoldo Pardo, RCP, RRT, and Kwame Bennam, RCP, RRT
3:20 p.m.What Happens Next? Inpatient Rehab and the Disorders of Consciousness Program
Monica Gutierrez, MD
3:45 p.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
4 p.m.Neuro Family Feud
Christina Luther, BSN, RN; Jenna Buchana, BSN, RN; Lakeisha Atkins Malone, BSN, RN; Lauren Jarvis, BSN, RN, and Lehla Benavides, BSN, RN
4:45 p.m.Adjourn
5 p.m.Opening Night Reception and Poster Presentation
“La Vista,” 21st Floor of the Westin Oaks

Neurocritical Care Board Review Course - Parallel Session

A full-day course dedicated to preparation for the 2019 Neurocritical Care Board Examination. Excellent course to review neurocritical care sections for critical care and other subspecialty board examinations.

8 a.m.Continental Breakfast and Check in
Neurocritical Care Board Review: Critical Care Medicine Section
Moderator: Karin Halvorson, MD
9 a.m.Introduction to the Neurocritical Care Board Exam
Tiffany Chang, MD
9:10 a.m.Acute Coronary Syndromes and Shock
Francisco Fuentes, MD
9:30 a.m.Mechanical Ventilation and ARDS
Karin Halvorson, MD
9:50 a.m.Acute Kidney Injury and Common Electrolyte Disorders
George Williams, MD
10:10 a.m.Coagulopathy and Hemostatic Therapy
Tiffany Chang, MD
10:30 a.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
10:40 a.m.Break
11 a.m.GI Bleeding and Hepatic Failure
David Victor, MD
11:20 a.m.Antibiotic Therapy: Guidelines and Pearls
Teresa Allison, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP
11:40 a.m.Diabetes Mellitus, Adrenal Insufficiency, and Thyroid Disorders in the ICU
Robert Brown, MD
NoonPanel Discussion/Q&A
12:10 p.m.Lunch
Neurocritical Care Board Review: Neuro Section
Moderator: H. Alex Choi, MD
1:10 p.m.Acute Ischemic Stroke
Nicole Gonzalez, MD
1:30 p.m.Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
H. Alex Choi, MD
1:50 p.m.Traumatic Brain Injury
Ryan Kitagawa, MD
2:10 p.m.Encephalopathies
Abhay Kumar, MD
2:30 p.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
2:40 p.m.Break - Exhibit Hall open
3 p.m.Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors
Yoshua Esquenazi, MD
3:20 p.m.CNS Infections
Ritvij Bowry, MD
3:40 p.m.Toxic-Metabolic Disorders: NMS, Serotonin Syndrome, and Drug Overdose/Withdrawal
Wamda Ahmed, MD
4 p.m.Inflammatory and Demyelinating Diseases
John Lincoln, MD
4:20 p.m.Coma, Herniation Syndromes, and Brain Death
Chethan Rao, MD
4:40 p.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
4:50 p.m.Adjourn
Opening Night Reception
5 p.m.Opening Night Welcome Reception and Exhibition Poster Presentation
All guests invited
"La Vista," 21st Floor of the Westin Oaks
7 p.m.Invited Speakers Dinner



DAY TWO: Thursday, April 4, 2019

Comprehensive Care for the Neurologically Injured Patient

Program Schedule

7 a.m.Continental Breakfast and Registration
A.M. Session: General Neurocritical Care
Care for general neurocritical care patients can be complex and data is limited. Hear how the experts manage these challenging cases.
Moderators: Abhay Kumar, MD
8 a.m.Neuromuscular Failure: GBS and MG
Kristin A. Brown, MD
8:25 a.m.Diagnosis and Management of Noninfectious Encephalitis
Stephen Figueroa, MD
8:50 a.m.Special Lecture 1:
Introduction by Abhay Kumar, MD
Critical Care EEG: What does it all mean?
Samden Lhatoo, MD, FRCP
9:20 a.m.Different Viewpoints: Seizures and Status Epilepticus
- Stepwise Approach to AED Management for Seizures | Shaun Smart, MD
- Algorithm for the Patient in Status Epilepticus | Abhay Kumar, MD
9:50 a.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
10 a.m.Break – Exhibition hall open
10:30 a.m.Pediatric Neurocritical Care
Jennifer Erklauer, MD
10:55 a.m.Acute Care Neurosurgery for Children
Manish Shah, MD
11:20 a.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
11:30 a.m.Lunch
P.M. Session 1: Cerebrovascular Neurology
What’s new in vascular neurology? We will highlight advances in care and look towards the future of stroke management.
Moderators: Tiffany Chang, MD, and Anjail Sharrief, MD, MPH
12:30 p.m.When Should I Consider Closing a PFO?
Anjail Sharrief, MD, MPH
1 p.m.Neurosurgical Approaches to Intracerebral Hemorrhage Evacuation
P. Roc Chen, MD
1:20 p.m.Special Lecture 2:
The MISTIE III Trial and Future of Minimally Invasive Surgery for ICH
Wendy Ziai, MD
1:50 p.m.Special Lecture 3:
Introduction by Tiffany Chang, MD
The Patient Experience: Life After Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Participation in a Clinical Trial
2:20 p.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
2:30 p.m.Break - Exhibit hall open
P.M. Session 2: Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury
Neurologists are evaluating concussions more than ever before. Understand what a concussion is and how to approach it.
Moderator: Arthur Day, MD
3 p.m.Different Viewpoints: TBI with Polytrauma
-The Brain Comes First, TBI Management is Essentially the Same | Shankar Gopinath, MD
-Brain Injury Management is Different with Polytrauma | Bryan Cotton, MD
3:30 p.m.Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Paul Schulz, MD
3:55 p.m.Special Lecture 4:
Assessment of a Concussion and Clearance to Return to Play
Arthur Day, MD
4:25 p.m.Special Lecture 5:
Concussions in Professional Football
Introduction by James Muntz, MD
The Player Experience: How a Player Feels About the Concussion Protocol – Brian Cushing
4:50 p.m.Panel Discussion | Q&A
5 p.m.Adjourn
6:30 p.m.Faculty Dinner (By invitation only)


Day 3

DAY THREE: Friday, April 5, 2019

Program Schedule

7 a.m.Continental breakfast
A.M. Session 1: Simulation Labs and Workshops
Join us for fun and interactive simulation labs and workshops. In just an hour, you will familiarize yourself with critical care ultrasonography, neuromonitoring, and bronchoscopy.
Moderator: H. Alex Choi, MD
8 a.m.Critical Care Ultrasound
George Williams, MD
Bedside Neuromonitoring and Cranial Procedures in the ICU
H. Alex Choi, MD, and Ryan Kitagawa, MD
Bronchoscopy Simulation Exercise
Pushan Jani, MD
A.M. Session 2: Hot Topics in Critical Care Medicine
What is the latest in critical care medicine? Explore current trends in sepsis management and general ICU care.
Moderator: George Williams, MD
9 a.m.Cutting Edge Sepsis Management: Vitamin C, Statins, and Other Trends
Bindu Akkanti, MD
9:25 a.m.A Balanced Approach to Fluids in the ICU
Kevin Finkel, MD
9:50 a.m.You Are What You Eat: Critical Care Nutrition
George Williams, MD
10:15 a.m.Panel Discussion/Q&A
10:25 a.m.Break – Exhibit hall open
A.M. Session 3: Crossfire Debates – Hot Topics and Controversies
The main event: Experts in Neurocritical Care will argue both sides of these current issues. You get to hear them and vote for winners!
Moderator: Tiffany Chang, MD
Panel: George Williams, MD; Leslie Kimpler, DO; Mark J. Dannenbaum
10:45 a.m.“Treatment Should Be Repeated in GBS Patients Who Do Not Improve”
Thy Nguyen, MD. (yes, there are indications), Robert Brown, MD (no indication)
11:10 a.m.“Intraventricular tPA Should Be Used for Patients with ICH Associated IVH”
Wendy Ziai, M.D. (yes), Nicole Gonzalez, M.D. (no)
11:35 a.m.“Surgery Is the Preferred Method of Treatment for Low Grade AVMs”
Arthur Day, M.D. (yes), James Grotta, M.D. (no)
12 p.m.Adjourn

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