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TTST Symposium Disclosures

2018 TTST

Adeoye, Opeolu

  • NIH – Funding
  • Sense Diagnostics – Co-founder

Alexandrov, Anne

  • Speakers Bureaus: Genentech (Alteplase), Chiesi (Cardene®), Stryker Neurovascular

Anderson, Craig

  • Project, Fellowship research grants – NHMRC of Australia
  • Research grant – Takeda China
  • Advisory Board fees – Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi and Amgen
  • Lecture fees - Takeda

Audebert, Heinrich

  • HJA has received speaker honoraria from Boehringer Ingelheim (manufacturer of alteplase) and Siemens as well as speaker honoraria and honoraria for consultancy from Lundbeck Pharma (sponsor of trials with desmoteplase in stroke). My employer, the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin,receives a 0.5% institutional share of STEMO turnover from the STEMO manufacturer arising from previous public funding within the Berlin Zukunftsfonds. I don’t have access to this money neither in person nor related to my working groups.

Bath, Philip

  • Athersys Inc. – Advisory Board member; honoraria
  • DiaMedica Therapeutics Ltd. Chair TSC, ReMEDy trial
  • Advisory Board member – receive honoraria
  • Nestle. Advisory Board member – receive honoraria
  • Phagenesis Ltd. Co-CI PhEED trial. CI, PHADER-Stroke study. Chair TSC, PHAST-TRAC trial. CI, STEPS trial. Consultant – receive honoraria
  • Platelet Solutions Ltd. Non-executive/non-paid member of board. Shareholder
  • ReNeuron Ltd. Chair DMC, PISCES-1/2 trials. Advisory Board member – receive honoraria

Bershad, Eric


Blauenfeldt, Rolf

  • Beyer Pharmaceuticals – Lecture fees

Bosel, Julian

  • Speaker Honoraria and Travel Support - Medtronic (Covidien), Bard, Zoll, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Royalties - Thieme (“Neuro-Intensivmedizin”): 1 book
  • Research Award - PCORI (“SETPOINT2”)
  • Membership - DGN, DGNI, DGKN, DGLN, ESO, WSO, NCS

Bou-Chebl, Alex

  • Cerenovus- Member CEC
  • Medtronic- Speaker’s bureau

Bowry, Ritvij


Broderick, Joseph

  • Research monies to Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine from Genentech for role on steering committee for PRISMS Trial and TIMELESS Trial
  • Consulting fees from Pfizer
  • Consulting fees from NeuroAid

Brown, Devin


Cadilhac, Dominique

  • Educational grants from Boehringer Ingelheim for the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR) in South Australia paid to my institution.
  • Educational grants from Medtronic, Shire, NSW ACI, Stroke Foundation, Boehringer, Amergen, for a National Stroke Data and Quality Improvement Workshop paid to my institution.

Campbell, Bruce

  • Genentech – consulting (paid to institution)

Chamorro, Angel

  • Dr Chamorro has shares (<10%) in FreeOx Biotech SL, a company focused on antioxidant therapies in human diseases

Davalos, Antoni

  • MEDTRONIC, Unrestristec grant for REVASCAT trial: Relevant
  • MEDTRONIC, honorarium for invited lectures and advise: Moderate

Day, Arthur


Ding, Yuchuan


Eagleman, David

  • CEO and Co-Founder of Neosensory, Inc.
  • CSO and Co-Founder of Braincheck, Inc.

Ebinger, Martin


Elkind, Mitchell

  • Consultative services for Abbott and Vascular Dynamics
  • Receives research funding but no personal compensation from Roche for an NINDS-funded clinical trial of atrial cardiopathy
  • Receives study medication in kind but no personal compensation from the BMS-Pfizer Alliance for Eliquis® for an NINDS-funded clinical trial of atrial cardiopathy
  • Has given expert legal opinions on behalf of Merck/Organon (NuvaRing® and stroke litigation), Auxilium (testosterone and stroke litigation), and Sorin (cardiac surgery and stroke)
  • Receives royalties from UpToDate for chapters related to stroke
  • Serves without compensation on the National, Founders Affiliate, and New York City chapter boards of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.
  • Dr. Elkind’s institution, Columbia University, receives compensation through service agreements with Medtronic for Dr. Elkind’s effort on analyses of clinical trials related to cardiac monitoring and from Biogen for his effort as lead Principal Investigator for a Biogen study of Tysabri and stroke.

English, Joey

  • Stryker Neurovascular - Consulting Work, Significant
  • Route 92 Medical - Equity Ownership, Significant

Fassbender, Klaus


Ford, Gary

  • Amgen, Personal Fees
  • Bristol Myers Squibb, Grant
  • Daiichi Sankyo, Personal Fees
  • Medtronic, Personal Fees and grant
  • Pfizer, Personal Fees and grant
  • Stryker, Personal Fees

Garcia-Esperon, Carlos

  • Boehringer-Ingelheim – Travel and accommodation fees for conference

Giorgos, Tsivgoulis


Gorelick, Philip


Grotta, James

  • Consultant – Frazer Ltd
  • Medical Advisory Board – Haemonetics
  • Grant support – Genentech, CSL Behring

Hacke, Werner

  • Boehringer Ingelheim: Consultancy, Speaker: Modest
  • Research Grant: significant, terminated
  • Neuravi: Consultancy: modest

Haley, E. Clarke


Hallevi, Hen


Haussen, Diogo


Howard, George


Heck, Don

  • Consultant: Stryker Neurovascular

Hill, Michael

  • Personal fees from Merck, non-financial support from Hoffmann-La Roche Canada Ltd
  • Grants from Covidien (Medtronic), Boehringer-Ingleheim, Stryker Inc., Medtronic LLC, and NoNO Inc.
    • Patent Systems and Methods for Assisting in Decision-Making and Triaging for Acute Stroke Patients
    • Owns stock in Calgary Scientific Incorporated
    • Grant support from Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, CIHR, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Hirano, Teruyuki

  • Lecture honorarium: Astellas, Bayer, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bristol Myers, CSL Behring, Daiichi-Sankyo, Medtronic, Mitsubishi-Tanabe, Otsuka, Pfizer, Sanofi , Stryker, Takeda
  • Manuscript fee: Medical Review, NHK Educational
  • Scholarship contribution: SENSIN Medical Research Foundation

Jones, Elizabeth

  • Research grants: Stroke Hyperglycemia Insulin Network Effort (SHINE) Trial, Site Principle Investigator, NIH, January 2012- present.
  • Research grants: Established Status Epilepticus Treatment Trial. Site Principal Investigator, NIH. September 2016-present.
  • Research grants: SIREN Network, Hub PI—Core-EM. NIH, June 2017-present.

Kamel, Hooman

  • NIH/NINDS (grants)
  • Medtronic (steering committee member for Stroke AF trial)
  • Roivant Sciences (advisory board)
  • BMS (study drug for ARCADIA trial)
  • Roche (assay kits for ARCADIA trial)

Kaste, Markku


Kerro, Ali


Khatri, Pooja

  • UC Dept of Neurology received funds from Genentech (PRISMS Trial PI) and Lumosa (consultation, DSMB), NIH (for Nervive CREATE grant coinvestigator and CMO) and will receive grant from Cerenovus (ENDO LOW trial PI and imaging core)
  • Consulted for Biogen (DSMB member) and medicolegal cases

Kim, Anthony

  • Research grant to my institution from SanBio, Inc. for development of a participant recruitment registry for stroke and TBI
  • Compensation for participating as member of independent DSMB for clinical trial from Neuravi.

Kimberly, W. Taylor

  • Remedy Pharmaceuticals: research grant
  • Biogen: research grant; consulting; travel for CHARM trial investigator meetings
  • NIH: research grants
  • American Heart Association: research grant

Kleindorfer, Dawn

  • Significant: National Institutes of Health, NINDS division
  • Modest: Janssen, advisory board regarding COMPASS trial results

Leira, Enrique

  • I receive salary support from the NIH (U24 NS107247, R21 NS104579 and R01 AG055773)
  • I am a PI in a grant application testing Uric Acid as an adjuvant of Mechanical thrombectomy (one of the interventions discussed at this session)

Lerario, Michael


Leslie-Mazwi, Thabele


Levi, Christopher


Levine, Steven

  • Grant support - NIH
  • Associate Editor, MEDLINK – honoraria for content review
  • Consultant fees for stroke medical legal cases
  • National Stroke Association – honorarium for telestroke content development

Leys, Didier

  • No personal fees.
  • No stocks from pharmaceutical / device companies.
  • No travel paid by pharmaceutical /device companies.
  • Research grants / speaker at symposia / trials, fees being paid to my research institution by Sanofi-Aventis, Bristol Myerrs Squibb, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Astra-Zeneca and Servier.
  • Research grants paid to my research institution by the French ministry of Health.
  • Non-financial support from Donau Universität Krems (Austria), UMC Utrecht (the Netherlands) and State University New York (USA).
  • Vice-editor of the European Stroke Journal (2016-on going)
  • Secretary General of the European Academy of Neurology (2014-2018)

Liebeskind, David

  • Consultant as Imaging Core Lab for Stryker, Medtronic, Cerenovus, Neurvana, Rapid Medical and Vesalio

Ma, Henry


Martin-Schild, Sheryl

  • Genentech Speaker’s Bureau – Speaker

Matsumaru, Yuji

  • Honoraria – Medtronic, Stryker, Johnson and Johnson, Terumo, Medicos Hirata and Kaneka Medics

Middleton, Sandy


Muir, Keith

  • Advisory Boards: Boehringer Ingelheim, Daiichi Sankyo, Bayer, Pulse Therapeutics
  • Research Support to Institution: Boehringer Ingelheim, Medtronic, Codman

Nour, May


Olivot, Jean Marc
  • Consultant Servicer – Bristol Myers Squibb, Medtronic

Pandian, Jeyaraj


Piotin, Michel

  • Consultancies – Medtronic, Stryker (instutional fees), Microvention (instutional fees), Balt (instutional fees), Penumbra (instutional fees)
  • Share Holder- Base Camp Vascular

Sanossian, Nerses

  • Genentech Speaker’s Bureau
  • Medtronic consulting on clinical events committees

Schwamm, Lee

  • Principal investigator of a study of extended-window intravenous thrombolysis funded by the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke; Genentech provided alteplase free of charge to Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Serves as chair of the AHA/ASA GWTG stroke clinical work group and hospital accreditation Science Committee and Quality Oversight Committees, co-chair of Mission-Lifeline:Stroke
  • Serves  as a stroke systems consultant to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Serves  as a scientific consultant to LifeImage regarding user interface design and usability, and regarding trial design and conduct to  Penumbra, Genentech and Medtronic

Singhal, Aneesh

  • Deputy PI and Network Lead, New England Regional Coordinating Center for the NINDS Stroke Trials Network; NIH/NINDS

Smith, Wade

  • Consultant for Stryker, Inc. for DSMB work

Thiel, Alexander

  • Research grants from: Canadian Institutes of Health Research and, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Canada Foundation for Innovation

Volpi, John


Walter, SIlke


Wechsler, Lawrence

  • Scientific Advisory Board – Silk Road Medical, Forest Devices
  • Consultant – Biogen Idec, SanBio, Athersys

Wu, Tzu-Ching (Teddy)


Yavagal, Dileep
  • Counsultant received consultation fees for the following: Medtronic, Neuralanalytics, Rapid Medical and Ceranovous

Yoo, Albert

  • Research grants: Neuravi/Cerenovus, Penumbra
  • Consulting: Cerenovus, Genentech
  • Equity ownership: Insera Therapeutics