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TTST Symposium Program

2018 TTST
Saturday, October 20
5:30 p.m.Welcome Reception
Sunday, October 21
7 a.m.Continental Breakfast and Registration
8 a.m.Welcome Remarks
Jim Grotta, M.D.
8:20 a.m.Changing Demographics of Stroke and Impact on Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy
Moderator: Joe Broderick
 Global Incidence of Stroke and Projected Future Trends
Dominque Cadilhac, George Howard, Anthony Kim
 Global Rates of Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy
Dawn Kleindorfer, Werner Hacke, Kazunori Toyoda
 Changing Stroke Demographics and Characteristics as a Result of Preventative Interventions and Impact on Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy with Focus on Atrial Fibrillation and LVO vs. Non-LVO Stroke
Phil Bath, Mitch Elkind, Hooman Kamel
9:20 a.m.Discussion Panel
Joe Broderick, Devin Brown, Nicole Gonzales, Anjail Sharrief
9:40 a.m.Break
10 a.m.Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy  Where, When, and Who?
Moderator: Andrew Demchuk
 Existing and Projected Distribution of Thrombolysis Centers Worldwide
Jeyaraj Pandian, Pooja Khatri, Jei Kim
10:20 a.m.Where and For Whom Should Thrombolysis Be Done – Minimal Resources Needed, How to Expand Use Safely
Phil Scott, Henry Ma, Didier Leys
10:40 a.m.Discussion Panel
Chris Lewandowski, Clotilde Balucani, Wade Smith, Nerses Sanossian, Martin Ebinger
11 a.m.Existing and Projected Distribution of Thrombectomy Centers Worldwide
Raul Nogueira, May Nour, Olvert Berkhemer
11:20 a.m.Where Should Thrombectomy Be Done – Centralized vs. Distributed Model
Tudor Jovin, Bernard Yan, Diogo Haussen
11:40 a.m.Discussion Panel
Carlos Molina, Ed Jauch, Santy Ortega, Yuji Matsumaru
NoonLunch and Presentation
Summary of New Data from Clinical Trials of Thrombolysis Since International Stroke
Moderator: Werner Hacke
1 p.m.Drip and Ship – Safety, What is Acceptable Time Delay, What Imaging Should Be Done and Where
Atte Meretoja, Sheryl Martin-Schild, Heinrich Audebert
1:20 p.m.Successful Networks in Resource Rich and Poor, Urban and Rural Regions
Lee Schwamm, Markku Kaste, Tsong-Hai Lee 
1:40 p.m.Discussion Panel
George Tsvigoulis, Michael Lerario, Nate Bornstein, Claude Nguyen  
2:00 p.m.Who is Carrying Out Thrombolysis and Who Should Do It in the Future?
Andrew Demchuk, Steve Levine, Elizabeth Jones
2:20 p.m.     Who is Carrying Out Thrombectomy and Who Should Do It in the Future?
Art Day, Marc Ribo, Reza Jahan
2:40 p.m.Current Guidelines for Training and Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy
Sunil Sheth, Don Heck, Roc Chen, Jim Grotta
3 p.m.Discussion Panel
Mike Frankel, Gary Spiegel, Hen Hallevi, Jonathan Zhang
3:20 p.m.Break
3:40 p.m.Future of Thrombolysis
Moderator: Sean Savitz
 Combining with Anticoagulation
Andrew Barreto, Opeolu Adeoye, Gary Ford
4 p.m.Combining with Other Approaches Including Magnetic Enhanced Lytics, Photothera, Statins, Synthetic Kallikrein, Glyburide
Keith Muir, Jong Kim, Taylor Kimberly
4:20 p.m.Discussion Panel
Sean Savitz, Bruce Campbell, Alastair Buchan, Mitch Elkind
4:40 p.m.New Lytics in the Pipeline Including TNK, Plasmin, TAFI Inhibitor
Carlos Garcia Esperon, Jeff Saver, Michel Piotin
5 p.m.Do We Need More Exploration of Dose?
Craig Anderson, Phil Gorelick, Kazunori Toyoda
5:20 p.m.Discussion Panel
Greg del Zoppo, Steve Davis, Ritvij Bowry, Ken Uchino
5:40 p.m.Emerging Technologies reception/workshop
(ALVA Health, Cerevast, OnGuardian, MaxLife, Thrombolytic Science, etc.)
6:30 p.m.Adjourn
7 p.m.Banquet (Armadillo Palace)
Harnessing Technology to Treat More Patients
Guest speaker: David Eagleman
Monday, October 22
7 a.m.Breakfast
8 a.m.Welcome
8:15 a.m.Future of Thrombectomy
Moderator: Raul Ngueira
 Summary of new data from clinical trials of thrombectomy since ISC or ESOC, especially if presented at WSC
Tudor Jovin
8:35 a.m.Expanding candidates later time window, milder strokes, large core, distal and posterior circulation
Greg Albers, Jay Mocco, Joey English
8:55 a.m.Discussion Panel
Raul Nogueira, Aneesh Singhal, Reza Jahan, Alex Abou-Chebl
9:20 a.m.Technological Advances in Devices
Michel Piotin, Osama Zaidat, Olvert Berkhemer
9:40 a.m.Regional cooling and other neuroprotection including NA-1, Uric acid
Michael Hill, Y Ding, Angel Chamorro
10 a.m.Discussion Panel
Enrique Leira, Bernard Yan, Julian Bosel, Thabele Leslie-Mazwi
10:20 a.m.Break
10:40 a.m.Imaging selection – how will we reach a consensus on imaging selection?
Bruce Campbell, Amrou Sarraj, David Liebeskind
11 a.m.Future imaging to help selection; new sequences; new physiologic information
Chris Levi, Steve Warach, Alexander Thiel
11:20Discussion Panel
Michael Hill, Jean Marc Olivot, Teruyuki Hirano, Albert Yoo
11:40 a.m.Lunch and Presentation Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy
Moderator: Jeff Saver
12:40 p.m.Speeding thrombolysis and thrombectomy
How can we expand telestroke and other innovations?
Teddy Wu, Lee Schwamm, Larry Wechsler 
1 p.m.Mobile Stroke Units – status and future perspective
Klaus Fassbender, Steve Davis, Anne Alexandrov
1:20 p.m.Discussion Panel
Heinrich Audebert, Ashfaq Shuaib, Sandy Middleton, Silke Walter
1:40 p.m.Break
2 p.m.Other approaches to increasing perfusion
Moderator: David Liebeskind
Enhancing collaterals, spg stimulation, sonothrombolysis, per-conditioning
Andrei Alexandrov, Italo Linfante, Rolf Blauenfeldt
2:20 p.m.Other New and Exciting Updates
Pat Lyden, Dileep Yavagal, Simon de Meyer
2:40 p.m.Discussion Panel
Clark Haley, Antoni Davalos, Markku Kaste, Chris Levi
3 p.m.Summary and Farewell
Jim Grotta