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2018 Neuro ICU Symposium Interior

Welcome to the 2018 Neuro ICU CME

Tiffany Chang MD NeuroICU

Welcome to the sixth annual Neuro ICU Symposium in Houston. For the past six years, our conference has grown both in quality and quantity: hundreds of physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers have attended from multiple states and countries. Our symposium is one of the most popular neurocritical care conferences in the country! This year, we would like to expand the horizons of the Neuro ICU by emphasizing comprehensive patient care and widespread care delivery. Houston faced a challenging year in 2017 due to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. This is an opportunity to examine strategies to effectively care for patients in the setting of a natural disaster. We will hear from an international expert in disaster medicine. Our faculty who were on the ground during the recovery efforts will also share their experiences.

On a national level, we strive to review the latest breakthroughs in evidence-based medicine. Our program this year will highlight the latest trials in endovascular therapy, including a presentation from the principal investigator of ground-breaking DAWN trial. This trial has significantly impacted the landscape of acute stroke interventional therapy. For situations where there is not clear evidence to guide decision making, we will present expert options on hot management topics from leaders in the field. This will include the popular “different viewpoints” and “cross-fire debate” sessions. In addition, cerebrovascular neurosurgeons will present complex cases and explain how they chose to manage these patients. Back by popular demand, we will hold our annual “Neuroscience Nursing Jeopardy” tournament.

Neurocritical care goes beyond the boundaries of a Neuro ICU. This year, we will take a special look at Neuroanesthesia and the decisions made in the OR before patients arrive in the ICU. We will also discuss the relationship between the heart and the brain. The world expert on brain protection after cardiac arrest will share his thoughts. As brain injury and multi-organ failure often coincide, we must not lose sight of the importance of medical critical care. We will highlight contemporary concepts in ARDS, sepsis, post-cardiac arrest care, and ICU liberation. We are honored to present another new feature this year: the Patient Experience. Patients will share their personal experiences with critical illness from their perspective.

The Neuro ICU has become an exciting place for the clinicians, nurses, and staff who care for our patients. Each day of the symposium, our program is full of dynamic speakers with opportunities for audience involvement. Please join us for this exciting sixth annual Neuro ICU Symposium in Houston!

NeuroICU signature 

Tiffany R. Chang, M.D.

Course Director and Committee Chair
Sixth Annual Neuro ICU Symposium
Director, Neurocritical Care Fellowship Program
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology and Vivian L. Smith Department of Neurosurgery
Mischer Neuroscience Institute
McGovern Medical School at UTHealth
Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center